Equalizing digital access to food with

We focus on the tech so food resources can focus on their mission.

By creating a digital network of food banks, pantries and the people they serve, everyone can easily find the right food and programs online.


Our Mission

We envision a world where technology eliminates barriers and democratizes access to nutritious food for everyone.

In less than one year, Vivery has made a significant impact.

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Democratizing Digital Access

Barriers exist within the food assistance ecosystem that keep people from easily getting the food they need.  

Many food pantries do not have an online presence, and most online resources have inaccurate or incomplete information. For those looking for food, it can be confusing to navigate and hard to know what to trust. 

The Vivery network of food banks, pantries and other food resources, and our innovative digital tools, provide centralized and up-to-date information to boost connections between food resources and the people they serve. 

By equalizing digital access to food, neighbors can get food that meets their needs, when they need it, close to home. 

Our work with food banks in Chicago and Illinois

Vivery was launched in collaboration with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to provide a better way to connect neighbors in need with the food and resources available to them. The strong partnership and trust we have developed with the Food Depository has been hugely important to developing our solution to democratize digital access to food for everyone.  

We soon realized this same need existed far beyond Chicago, and in less than a year since launch, we rolled out a unified Vivery map of Illinois.  

This statewide coverage provided by the Vivery Find Food map ensures that no matter where a neighbor searches in Illinois, they will always find detailed and accurate pantry and program information online to meet their unique needs, schedules, and circumstances. 

Community-Driven Innovation

We foster community-driven innovation to test new ways technology can be used to boost food access for everyone. Working closely with community partners, we validate potential solutions that remove barriers and meet the unique needs of those seeking food assistance.

We are currently piloting three programs in the Austin community in Chicago:

  • Online Markets to create an online shopping platform
  • In-Home Delivery to provide food delivery to seniors and disabled individuals
  • Integrated Access and Delivery to coordinate a single delivery of pantry food and local nutritious food to high-need populations.

Our approach is to learn locally and develop repeatable, scalable national solutions.

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