The Food Access Solution

An easier way to find food with

The Food Access Solution

Finding help is hard, we know it can be simpler.

We are creating an easier way for people to find and access food near them that meets their needs.

More than a food finder map, we are creating a solution that strengthens the connections between food access providers and those they serve.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to leverage technology and programs to dramatically increase access to food. Our vision is that every person – regardless of race, location, and capabilities is able to access food assistance when they are in need.

The Food Access Solution launched in the summer of 2021 in Chicago. Check back here for more updates on our progress!

Bridging the Last Mile

Barriers exist within the last mile of food assistance that keep people from getting the food they need. Many food pantries do not have an online presence, and many online resources have inaccurate or incomplete information. For those looking for food, it can be confusing to navigate and hard to know what to trust.

The Food Access Solution addresses food insecurity by using technology to connect people with emergency food providers. That way, neighbors can get food that meets their needs, when they need it, close to home.

By leveraging technology to bridge the last mile, we can build a stronger safety net for people facing hunger.

Our work with Greater Chicago Food Depository

To address food access at a regional level, we are building strong partnerships with food banks. The Food Access Solution provides a way for food banks to strengthen their pantries through technology that keeps their information up-to-date and connects them with clients.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository manages a network of over 300 food pantries. They have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep their pantries open, stocked with food, and responding to the needs of the community.

Our work in the Austin Community

We are dedicated to empowering and strengthening pantries by providing easy-to-use technology solutions that simplifies their daily operations. Our goal is to amplify their ability to serve their clients without the need for a large technology budget or team.

We are currently piloting our solution in the Austin community using Open Shelf as the site for individuals to find a pantry that meets their needs. By partnering with pantries, emergency food providers, and partners, we will collect learnings and feedback that will inform future technology updates.

We are committed to understanding the challenges for food pantries and individuals and learn what the community needs most.

We leverage technology to increase the impact of nonprofits.