About Us

Our Story

The Thierer Family Foundation was founded by Nasrin and Mark Thierer in December 2015. Nasrin, a successful entrepreneur in the marketing technology space, and Mark, an experienced healthcare executive, had both sold their respective companies and set out to do some good with their profits.

In order to make the greatest impact with their resources, they wanted to make sure that they were focused on the right issues and were providing their grantees with what they needed to be successful.

The Thierers believe by investing in technology Thierer Family Foundation can significantly impact an organization’s reach, help organizations deliver on their mission, and ultimately serve more people. They hope this approach will pave the way for other funders to see the value of investing in technology within the nonprofit sector.

We focus our resources on three

Areas of Impact


When children and families in our communities have digital access to healthy, well-balanced diets, everyone benefits and the community thrives.

Shelter & Human Services

Adequate housing provides people with dignity and the opportunity to lead a normal life and focus on self-improvement.

Arts & Culture

Helping improve the quality of life and boost well-being for communities and individuals alike through art and culture in our life.

The Universal Challenge

We asked local charities about their biggest challenges and found many nonprofits do not have the resources – people, time, money – they need to effectively run their organizations. This, coupled with heavily manual processes, limited the organizations’ ability to deliver on their missions.

We wondered, why aren’t these organizations leveraging technology to help overcome the gaps? Most lacked the internal expertise needed to select and implement the right solution, and they struggled to help donors see the value of a long-term investment in technology.

Our Vision

We envision a world where nonprofit organizations have the tools and resources needed to most effectively serve their clients and communities.

Our Mission

The Thierer Family Foundation’s mission is to increase the impact of nonprofits working throughout Chicagoland by helping them leverage technology to be more effective, efficient, and sustainable.


Our Team

We’re not your average foundation. Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, marketers, artists, and technology lovers who are passionate about doing some good in this world. We are creative thinkers and innovative problem solvers. We care deeply. We invest strategically. We commit fully. We’re not your average foundation… but we think you’ll be happy that we’re not.

Integrity & ImpactPassion & VisionPartnership & Collaboration
Integrity & ImpactPassion & VisionPartnership & Collaboration
We are guided by our

Core Values

We do the right thing

and believe our biggest mission is to do good, always.

We are passionate problem solvers

that choose the best path, not the easiest path.

Our clients guide our vision

and we strive to approach their needs with empathy and understanding.

We champion big ideas to solve the big problems

never losing sight of our awesome opportunity to enact impactful change.

We are stronger together

achieving greatness as a team through our diversities of thought, skills, and backgrounds.

We leverage technology to increase the impact of nonprofits.