Our Grant Process

Thank you for the interest in our grant process.

The Thierer Family Foundation (TFF) offers an invitation-only application process. TFF actively engages with a broad range of organizations, community groups, and other foundations, and continually monitors ongoing and emerging strategies. We invite proposals from potential grantees based on priorities set by the Foundation’s Trustees.

Although our application process is by invitation only, if you believe your organization’s work fits TFF’s current grantmaking priorities, please email [email protected] to determine next steps.

We help nonprofits

Increase Impact Through Technology

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We focus our resources on three

Areas of Impact

When neighbors can digitally access and find food and resources nearby to meet their unique needs, everyone benefits, and the community thrives.

Adequate housing provides people with dignity and the opportunity to lead a normal life and focus on self-improvement.

Helping improve the quality of life and boost well-being for communities and individuals alike through art and culture in our life.

What we fund

We fund programs that are:

01 Impactful

Has a significant impact on the organization and/or their ability to deliver on their mission and extend their reach

02 Innovative

Leverages a forward-thinking approach that provides a creative solution to the challenge

03 Strategic

Leverages a big picture view of the problem / solution and features a well-defined business plan to ensure success

04 Sustainable

Able to be self-supported by the organization beyond the project timeline

Our Approach to Giving

We work to increase the impact of public charities by strategically funding innovative technology projects that improve organizational effectiveness and significantly change the way an organization can serve their target audience. In addition to financial resources, we provide our time, expertise, and passion to our partner organizations to help increase the impact of our investments.

How we give + -

We fund foundational technology systems to help maximize an organization’s reach and expand their impact.
We believe that the key to creating long-term, sustainable impact is to invest in making organizations more effective and efficient. Most often this means investing in foundational technology that streamline and automates manual processes, or gives organizations control and visibility into their operations and outcomes.

Organization Criteria + -
  • Must be a nonprofit organization tax-exempt under IRC section 501(c)(3) and classified as a public charity under IRC section 509(a)(1), 509(a)(2), or 509(a)(3)(Type I)
  • Operates within the Greater Chicago area
  • A significant portion of the organization’s programing addresses one or more of the Foundation’s core cause areas
Submission Process + -

At TFF, we tailor our application process to the needs and resources of the applying nonprofit organization. Below you’ll find a sample of items organizations may be asked to provide during the grant application process:


  • Concept Letter
  • Formal Application
  • Facility Tour
  • In-Person Presentation
  • Video Submission
  • Inception Meeting Participation
  • Business Plan
  • References
Questions + -

For more information on our grant process, please contact us at [email protected]

We leverage technology to increase the impact of nonprofits.