Impact Project Grants

Lakeview Pantry Quickly Scales to Meet Unprecedented Need During COVID-19

19 June

COVID-19 changed the game for food pantries across the country. Lakeview Pantry has been able to quickly pivot and scale up their programming thanks to early technology investments. Learn more about how they were able to adapt while still meeting the needs of their clients.

Technology Grants

WINGS New Data System Saves Time and Improves Services to Survivors

24 April

Through generous grant funding, WINGS has implemented a new cloud-based client data system. This enhancement has numerous benefits including saving staff time, producing accurate data and ultimately improving services to survivors of domestic violence.


How You Can Help During COVID-19: Part 1

3 April

In this time of great uncertainty, we encourage you to look for ways support the helpers who are working to keep the members of our community healthy and safe. In this blog, you will find information on a few of our grantees who are still hard at work during this pandemic, about how COVID-19 has affected their organization and the people they serve, and how you can best help them continue their work.